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 Wellness Pod

Our Wellness Pod has been created to allow employers and HR managers to effectively look after the wellness of their staff. It has the following facilities:

The wellness membership

This offers members discounts at all our partners which fall under the following categories fitness – gyms / bootcamps / health clubs etc. Food – healthy eateries, smoothie bars, butchers etc. Active days out – Tree top adventures, go karting centres, paint balling etc. Massage and wellness retreats – massages, physiotherapy etc. Events – Obstacle courses, colour runs, fitness expos etc. Spa days and so much more.

My Body Stats Zone

This is where members can input all their data; height, weight, BMI, blood pressure etc. We can link it up with any Apple or Fitbit devices to directly pull information through the app and into the portal.

We can also link it with our body checks and MOT’s which will include posture analysis, lifestyle assessment and more. For this we can come into the workplace and take all this information and directly upload it to their zone along with targets and review dates so they have something to work towards and they can be told in “real terms” what it all means and what they should be looking to do. For further info on the body checks and MOT’s please see page 4.

We can also do online consultations where members can book a time to have a 20 minute consultation with one of our consultants. This can be done from their work place or the comfort of their own home on any device. Employers can chose their consultancy package to add it onto the Wellness Pod and can differ it depending on the level of staff.

Anytime Contact Services

This will include contact forms for all the dedicated professionals for every area that we cover. For example Nutrition will be covered by a qualified chef and nutrition expert, the fitness contact form will be monitored by a qualified personal trainer and group exercise expert, the mental health will be monitored by our counsellors and psychotherapists.

The mental health facility is one which has a huge impact within businesses with staff who are feeling a strain in this area now having somewhere to turn, where as in the past, from our research and communications with these people, they’ve often felt there’s no where to go and don’t want to speak to someone from the company that they work for.

There are also various functions where members can request an appointment with a certain specialist, for example; one of our independent financial advisors.

Incentive / Rewards scheme

This is something we would work with a business to implement, should they wish to facilitate it. We would liaise with our partners to get discounts on for example a spa retreat or a family day out and you could off set them into different zones so depending on where they finish they would receive a different value of reward. This could be tied into attendance, KPI’s, punctuality, a certain task or project deadline, the possibilities are endless.

The employer or dedicated HR / Senior staff member would receive the “business log in” details and they’d be able to see stats / graphs on the employees / workforce as a whole (no individuals data would ever be accessible due to data protection and privacy issues). They also see answers to a sign up questionnaire which all members would have to fill in as part of the sign up procedure.

As well as there being a business importance to try and help these people there is also a personal and self importance, which is what Future Fit is all about. We will work with businesses to help make staff fitter, healthier and ultimately happier in both work and personal life.

What is extremely advantageous about our Wellness Pod and what you may have gathered from reading the above, is it allows us to incorporate a lot of our services into one user friendly facility. It includes Fact finding and Reporting, Any Time Contact Services, Mental Health and the Wellness Membership.


At Future Fit we have our own wellness membership. With a Future Fit membership, holders will receive discounts locally and nationally from various wellness related partners, some of which will include discounted gym rates, local butchers, massage parlors, supplement companies, spa days, fitness clothing, fitness events and many more. However, we are also firm believers of being both physically and mentally healthy so we have teamed up with various feel good activity centres including: theme parks, go karting, paintballing, bowling, high rope centres, historic and outdoor centres, trampolining centres etc.

All of our discount partners have committed to ensuring we have an exclusive Future Fit offer that will change every month or other month. This means there will always be exciting new offers for holders to take advantage of.
These memberships are exclusive to businesses and can only be taken out by employers for their employees.
The memberships are a great way to give something back to your staff. Whilst ticking a lot of wellness boxes, by providing discounted wellness services you would also be ticking the benefits at work box and can let your employees know it’s just your way of saying thank-you for their ongoing hard work!
A large number of our partners provide family discounts as well, especially the active days out, so not only does your employee benefit, but their families do as well.


Our brand new Wellness App will allow our members to have accessibility to all our Wellness Pod functions at their finger tips. It will also boast many more desired functions such as;

Upload your photo – Users will be able to take a photo and upload it directly as your profile photo. This will be used for your digital membership card.

Membership card – Users will have a Digital membership card which will contain your name, photo, membership number, company you work for and expiry date.

Push notifications – Once within a certain mile radius of one our partners users will receive notifications to alert them to the fact they are near one of our partners and it will also inform them of what offer that partner has on at that current point in time.

Partner map – Using your GPS our App will constantly changed the distance of closest partners to our users current position. Data sync – Using any data collected through our partners app’s, Apple and Fitbit, we can extract the data through our App and upload it straight onto their wellness portal for their results and their consultant to see.

Favourite offers / partners – Users will be able to click on one of our partners and select them as a favourite. This will then mean the user will be notified when that partner uploads / launches a new offer.

Group days out and events – Business will be able to notify their staff / users when there’s a release of a new group event.

Our Wellness Pod is amazing value for money from only £2.99 per employee the value for money is phenomenal with the memberships savings alone worth over £5000 A MONTH and growing!! Our services are also tax deductible so at £2.99 it would only cost your business £2.40 per employee!