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Nutrition is an important factor in leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle. At Future Fit we provide a range of different services that address this factor.

Nutrition & Diet seminars:

A nutrition and diet seminar is a power point based presentation in which we address a number of key issues regarding food. Topics covered include:

  • What really is a balanced diet?
  • What should your diet look like for you? (interactive where we work with employees to show them how to work out one calorie expenditure and consumption)
  • How to adjust your diet
  • How to make food easy
  • Good vs Bad
  • How diet effects medical conditions
  • How to prepare food to optimise both time and nutritional value

Each seminar runs for approximately one hour aimed at groups of approximately 15 people.

Live cooking workshops

We also offer our extremely popular live cooking workshops. This entails one of our chefs and food experts coming in and cooking live at the front of the group whilst talking about everything food related. The workshops are broken down into hour sessions where the first half an hour is spent cooking and discussing the cooking, the attendees then get to sample the food cooked and the remainder half an hour is spent delivering a nutrition and food talk discussing some of the key bullet points mentioned above.

We suggest group sizes of approximately 15 in order that any relevant questions may be answered.

We also offer an “interactive” cooking session. This is where we split the group into pairs and they each get their own station to cook along with one of our chefs as they take them through it step by step. These days are great for not only education but also team building and interaction as they are great fun as well as being fantastic for learning new skills.

The price for this varies depending on whether we look to hire out a local teaching kitchen near to your place of work or we look at bringing in cooking stations to the workplace. If this is something that interests you, let us know and we will price this up for you.

Call one of our Nutrition team 8 hours a day for free advice and guidelines as part of our Wellness Pod.