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All of our services can be delivered into your business in various ways. Each can be taken as a separate activity and slotted in before, during or after work times. Other options include a fortnightly or monthly wellness days / afternoons. Some companies we work with, for example, have a half day on a Friday so they partake in one or two wellness options each week and it runs on a four week cycle. Others have a “wellness week” every 6 months, where they have a host of wellness activities throughout the week.

The possibilities are endless so it is really finding out what would fit in best with your business.

All of our coaches, chefs, psychologists, physiotherapists and life management staff are TRAINED TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL so we can ensure we provide only the BEST SERVICE for our clients.


Any Time Services involve an online contact form for each service which employees of “Future Fit registered companies” receive and entitles them to contact at any time with any questions they may have, with guaranteed responses within 24 hours. For example the mental wellbeing contact form could be used to contact someone regarding any stress and anxiety questions. Where as the health and fitness contact form would be used regarding any exercise or physiotherapy questions. All the contact forms will be monitored and responded to by the individual experts in that field.