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Our stress management programs can be delivered via active workshops. These are one hour long and we suggest a maximum number of 15 people per session.

A typical workshop could include:

  • A welcome & introduction
  • The purpose of the session
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of stress
  • Methods and techniques to deal with stress
  • Relaxation methods
  • Leaving work at work
  • Who to talk to if you need help
  • What’s next
  • What to do if you need further information / guidance

We also cater and deliver for one to ones where members of staff can have a selected time to just talk about work, home life, any worries or concerns etc. The session times can vary to best suit your needs but minimum time would be 20 minutes per person.

We also provide “drop in clinics” where we can place one of our mental health specialists in a room for a set period of time on a certain day a week or every other week and staff can come in anonymously. When they arrive they can talk about anything they’d like to talk about: concerns at work, issues at home, relationships problems, money worries, the list is endless. These clinics have proven both extremely popular and also extremely beneficial to workplaces. They provide a great follow up service to our active workshops.

Both the workshops and the one to ones are carried out by our fully qualified life-coaching professionals. Our counsellors and psychotherapists are all registered members of the BACP and we ensure we always deliver to their standards and guidelines. They are qualified Person Centered Counsellors, hold diplomas in cognitive behaviour therapy and qualified experienced advocates and a nationally registered Independent Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCA).

All our mental health professionals are required to part take in a minimum of 30 hours training and up skilling each year to ensure we lead the way, not only in service but in content of delivery as well.

We also have options for companies to set up FREE mental health advice and support.