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Our massage programmes come in a range of different delivery styles. The two most common for the workplace are head and shoulder massage and sports (full body) massage.

Massages have many beneficial factors:

  • It helps you relax
  • It counteracts all of the sitting down that you do. (Very important for those that have desk jobs)
  • It eases and can relieve muscle pain
  • Creates greater flexibility
  • It helps combat anxiety and depression
  • It improves sleep (Both time taken to fall asleep and quality of sleep)
  • Relieves headaches
  • Helps build immunity


Depending on the arrangement and how the massage is fit into the working day depends on which type of massage is best for any given situation. For example, if they were being delivered in 20 minute sessions throughout the day as a 20 minute time out from work, then the head and shoulders massage maybe best for quickness and ease and not having to get changed etc. If it was to be included as part of a wellness day or afternoon where people weren’t necessarily “at work” then a sports massage maybe better.

The price for massage is per hour. The hour can be broken down into time slots to suit yourself, minimum time 15 minutes.