Fact Finding & Reporting 2018-01-12T14:27:16+00:00

Often wondered how your staff really feel? What they like and don’t like about coming to work?

Not sure how to approach it due to feeling they won’t be totally open and honest to someone who works for the same company? Read all of the wellness options and love them all but don’t know where to start?


At Future Fit we are often hired to come in and run fact finding and staff understanding sessions. We’ve often done this as the first exercise before putting into place a wellness package. Other times we’ve done it solely for the business owners and HR staff to get a better understanding as to how their staff feel. We carry this out through a variety of methods; questionnaires, talking to staff, question and answer sessions.

Once we have collected all the data we take it away and put it into a report. This will include a break down of different areas, graphs and charts to highlight means, averages, correlations etc. as well as areas that are strengths and others that maybe weaknesses. We make comparisons to similar companies as yourself if need be. We then highlight and advise areas that may need looking at and improving and how we suggest going about doing this.

Once our report has been compiled we will come to your place of work and meet with an HR representative and / or a senior member of staff and discuss the findings. The next stage from here is to put together an action plan to move forward with and discuss and agree suitable targets and review dates.