Body Mots & Health Checks 2018-01-12T14:24:45+00:00

We can provide individual wellness check-ups, which we call body MOT’s. This is a basic information and assessment session in which we would assess various different elements involved in a healthy lifestyle.

Check ups can include:

  • Posture analysis
  • Day to day lifestyle
  • Exercise regime
  • Nutrition, diet and supplements
  • Body measurements (if required)
  • Weight
  • Sleep pattern and recommendations
  • Before / After / Progress photos (if required)
  • Resting heart rate (based on readings advice given on how to accomplish a healthy resting heart rate)
  • Blood pressure (based on readings advice given on how to accomplish a healthy blood pressure)
  • BMI measurement (Explanation as to what this is and where they are on a BMI

Sessions last 20 minutes per person and are done as a one on one individual session.

We recommend these be carried out every 4 months. This will allow enough time for your employees to implement any changes we recommend and for both parties to see any differences by the next appointment. It will also allow ourselves to notice if any member of staff was to decline in any physiological area within 4 months. This, therefore, would be highlighted and brought to attention before it became too serious and at a stage where it would be more easily reversible. This is a great option in the bid to reduce sick days and help prevent long term sickness.

This is also one of the consultancy options which ties into our Wellness Pod.